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1puls1 International

1puls1 International

1puls1 International

1+1 International is a Ukrainian-language TV-channel for people from Ukrainian diasporas and just ordinary compatriots abroad. It is an international version of Studio 1+1 – one of the most popular TV-channels in Ukraine, which is owned by a transnational media corporation - Central European Media Enterprises (CME).

The base of the broadcasting schedule is formed of TSN (TV Service of News) produced live from Kyiv and the best programmes of 1+1 production: cultural projects, talk shows, documentary films and popular TV series produced by 1+1 and its partners, etc.

The main concept of 1+1 International is that up-to-date information of TSN, publicist and documentary projects combined with popular TV-series will help our compatriots all over the world to feel the heartbeat of modern life in Ukraine.

The launch of 1+1 International in 2006 was considered to be not only a commercial project, but also as a means to bring the spirit of freedom and openness to Ukrainian communities around the globe.

Today, 1+1 International is a family-oriented channel, where everybody can find something to his/her liking. We show the widest range of content from cartoons to intellectual talk-shows. The best TV-programmes, which are produced in Ukraine, can be found on our channel.

Phone: +380 444 900 101

City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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