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APG Holding

APG Holding

APG Holding

Art Metal Furniture
The enterprise is the producer of office chairs and armchairs, chairs for bars, cafes and restaurants, school furniture.

The enterprise consists of the workshop for producing pressed metal articles, assembly shop (cutting, upholstering, assembling, packing sections), experimental section.

All enterprise products are certificated. Providing high-quality production based on up-to-date level of technology and equipment is the main principle of enterprise's work.

The development of the enterprise and introduction of new technologies have allowed extending the potentialities of the enterprise considerably since 1998 taking it from assembling chairs made of imported components to producing armchairs and chairs made of own components, i.d. a complete production cycle.

Art Metal Furniture - Furniture
The enterprise was founded in 1999; it is equipped with a modern Italian line of furniture production, that allows producing high-quality cabinet furniture using a curvilinear cut-out as well as combining elements of wood and metal.

Art Metal Technology
The enterprise specializes in production of electric-welded pipes for furniture and common use pipes as well as frames and components for furniture.
The enterprise is equipped with a electric-welding mill that can produce a wide variety of highest-quality pipes that are inferior to none in the world. Rouleau steel is cut into plates of various thickness on a special mill.

All pipes are produced of a cold-rolled metal, they have a high-quality surface and concise dimensions. The manufacturing of electric-welded pipes is conducted in the semiautomatic way of contact-free induction method of high-frequency welding. We use our own production line to polish profiled and round pipes.

The quality of the weld is controlled by a computer fault detector, therefore possible weld faults of the pipes are detected during production.

The pride of our enterprise is a modern production line for galvanic covering that consists of 26 technological baths and is used to cover metal frames with an ornamental chrome covering.

Pipe-cutting machines as well as pipe-bending ones that bend pipes at various angles are used for the production of frames.

The enterprise is also equipped with a conveyor-type painting section for polymer paints.

Art Wood Technology
The enterprise produces veneer, bent oil-clothed products and wooden accessories for furniture.

The production cycle of the enterprise begins from the timber delivery and moves on with the usage of up-to-date technologies including wood jointing. The enterprise belongs to those several ones in Ukraine that can manufacture products of wood monolith.

Mechanized glue coverage is used, high-frequency current is used to polymerize glue which allows us to get various profiles and to provide high solidity of production constantly.

Phone: + 380 563 731 168

53rd-A Voitsekhovicha Street,
City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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