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Academy of Design and Arts

Academy of Design and Arts

Academy of Design and Arts

The Kharkov art school has old traditions.
It is official educational establishment from middle of 17-th century.

Nowadays it is the Kharkov state academy of design and arts.

We have put in pawn a principle of formation of new type of the universal designer in a basis of modern model of the expert.
The contents of this principle consists in stage-by-stage introduction in consciousness of the student of a circuit of the interconnected concepts, knowledge and skills which are capable to adapt the future expert for various displays of design culture.
The high level of teaching gives the student graphic literacy and skill and brings up moral-philosophical and aesthetic views, feeling of a civil liability of the future artists and designers

About 1450 students study at 3 faculties of academy of design and arts. Among them there are representatives of 12 countries of near and distant foreign countries.

200 teachers carry out teaching and educational, methodical, scientific and creative work on 17 faculties of academy.
Among them there are 18 professors and 57 senior lecturers. 14 teachers have honorary titles. 4 teachers are members of Academy of arts of Ukraine and Academy of architecture and construction of Ukraine. Almost half of teachers are members of the National union of artists and the Union of designers of Ukraine.

18 laboratories and educational workshops, 4 computer classes, library (over 100 thousand units of the literature), the academic museum, art gallery "Academy" provide educational process.

At academy of design and arts there is a postgraduate study in which 50 post-graduate students and competitors are trained.
There are evening preparatory courses (9 months).
There is an Art liceum with biennial term of study for the gifted youth (special subjects plus the program of 10-11 classes of high school).
The specialized council on protection of master's theses operates since 2002.

The Kharkov academy of design and arts issues periodic scientific editions which are included in the list of editions of Ukraine.
Experts of academy create web - resources in a worldnet the Internet on which the current information on academy and electronic versions of periodic scientific editions is placed.

The Kharkov state academy of design and arts is a member of the European league of HIGH SCHOOLS of arts.
The academy has creative, educational and scientific connections with the organizations and HIGH SCHOOLS of Austria, Brazil, the Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, India, China, Korea, Cuba, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, USA, Finland, France, Croatia, Czechia, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan.


Phone: +380 577 202 320

8th Krasnoznamennaya Street ,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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