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Air Link International

Air Link International

Air Link International

No doubt every executive of the aviation company realizes that efficient organization of the ground handling and flight planning is the corner stone of the success of a flight operation.

We at Air Link International understand that a potential customer needs total support and perfect organization while flying to our stations. We are continuously developing sound relationship with airport, civil aviation and government authorities, ATC establishments, fuel and catering suppliers, hotel administration management.

Through Monday to Sunday our experienced, highly motivated staff is ready to meet the requirements of our customers that vary considerably from standard up to the most challenging ones with minimum notice. Having contacted our main operations center in Odessa you can be sure that the services indicated below are just a phone call away :
- Ukrainian and Moldovian entry and landing permissions including short notice and very urgent requests.
- Overflight and landing permits worldwide
Weather briefs and NOTAMs
- Organization of the ground handling on the ramp, ramp and load control supervising personnel.
- Traffic handling and check-in procedures for passengers and baggage
- Coordination, representation and liaison with airport authorities and wider community
Flight planning in accordance with "Eurocontrol","Ukraerocenter" and "UkrSATSE" requirements
- Slots coordination and airport extended time approvals
- Navigation and leading services arrangements with CAA for flights to domestic airports
Flight following , dispatch services and handling of last minutes changes
- Crew administration
- Crew lounge and rest facilities
- Complete flight documentation package in accordance with the local requirements
- VIP terminal services
- Catering services
- Fuel arrangements and Air Link contract fuel
- Crew transportation
- Hotel reservation and crew discounts
- Limousine services
- Customs assistance
- Immigration assistance
- Visa services and crew entry permits
- Charter commuter trips or helicopter transfers
- Consulting services and aviation solutions
- Security reports and guarding services
- Cargo handling including dangerous and hazardous
- Credit facilities and simplified credit set up procedures
- 24-hours hot lines

We thoroughly care about every detail of your trip before the aircraft touches down until it takes off. Our agents are always ready to arrange for solution of any challenges and problems that might appear while you are visiting the country. Once you left our station our support does not stop. Our operations staff monitors your trip, quickly responding to last minute details, providing your headquarters ops staff with the flight status and other useful information.

Phone: + 380 487 778 303

25th Chapaev division st., 6 ”V”
Business centre, 3d floor, off. 301
City Odessa,,
Odess'ka oblast

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