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Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

Peculiarities of the special status of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine are conditioned by it's tasks and authority, including it's role in the competition policy formation, and are determined by the Law of Ukraine “On the Status of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine” and other legislative acts. In particular the above-mentioned peculiarities consist in special order of designation and dismissal of the Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, his deputies, state commissioners, chiefs of the territorial offices as well as in special procedural principles of the activities of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, pledging of social security, protection of personal rights and interests of the employees of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on equal level with the employees of the law machinery.

Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine carries out his activities on the grounds of the legislative acts concerning economic competition protection; the Laws of Ukraine “On economic competition protection”, “On the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine”, “On protection from unfair competition” are main of them .

The key target of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine is it's participation in formation and application of the Ukrainian competition policy, which is pursued in the following directions:

carrying out the state control over adherence to legislation on economic competition protection, prevention, revelation and cessation of the breach of legislation on economic competition protection;

control of mergers and concerted actions of the subjects of economical activity;

control of regulation of prices (tariffs) for goods of natural monopolies;

contribution to the fair competition development (in particular it includes: interaction with other state authorities, associations of subjects of economical activity and public organizations in the area of provision the protection and development to economic competition; participation in rule-making activity concerning improvement of legislation in the field of the economic competition protection and adoption, alteration or abrogation of other statutory and legal acts or its' separate provisions, affecting the state of competition in the country as well; international co-operation regarding issues, that belong to the competence of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine);

Antimonopoly Committee is not only the authority, which penalizes the law breakers in the field of competition. First of all it is the partner for entrepreneurs, who follow fair customs in their activities and aid for those people, who remained face to face with the arbitrary rule of monopolists and need assistance.

Phone: +380 442 516 262

City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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