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“Artur-K” is a biggest Ukrainian distributor of drugs and medical products.
We work for a continuous supply of certified pharmaceutical products into the domestic markets, in order to meet the demands of various population groups in high quality medicinal products for acceptable prices.

“Artur-K” possesses a 14-years’ experience in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

“Artur-K” is a rapid developing company, which is always keeping up with the time.

“Artur-K” provides a full spectrum of services, from the registration of new pharmaceutical products to the promotion and active distribution of goods in the market.

We render our services for the customs clearance of goods, for the medical-and-pharmaceutical areas, transportation and shipments to the point of destination, tracing of the market situation, and promotion of the products.

“Artur-K” has got a developed logistic infrastructure and regional offices, which allow it to timely deliver the goods all over the territory of Ukraine.

A prolific experience in operating in the capital and regional markets enables “Artur-K” to always meet actual demands in products in all the segments of the consumer market.

Our partners today include over 240 known foreign and home companies, manufactures of pharmaceutical and medical products, cosmetics, and bioactive substances. The geography is represented by USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, India, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Latvia, Czechia, Slovenia, Rumania, Croatia, and other countries.

Our price-list includes more than 6 000 pharmaceutical products of leading foreign and home manufacturers.

“Artur-K” is an official distributor for the German concern B.Braun, and such products as Alflutop, Aescusan, drops, Biotum, Biofuroxym, Carminativum Babynos, Dentinox-Gel H, Micogynax, Gelomyrtol, Dona, Galavit, Folio, Lauma and others.

We base our financial politics on the high standards of settlements of accounts and a flexible discounting system.

With “Artur-K” you can always avail of the European level of distributor services!

Phone: +380 443 915 096

4th V.Chayki Street,
Villiage Chayka,,
Kievska oblast

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