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Bon Boisson

Bon Boisson

Bon Boisson

The history of drinks under the trademark "Bon Boisson" began in autumn 1997 when the first bottle of water came off the conveyor. It was two-litter bottle of mineral drinking water "Bon Boisson". That same year the water-delivering service was created in Dnepropetrovsk. It was supposed to deliver refined drinking water "Bon Boisson" in new for our market capacities - large five-gallon (18.9 litters) bottles of water, which could be used both for drinking and cooking.

However, one kind of mineral water isn't enough for general people's recognition. That is why the trade and commercial group "Rainford" started producing another series of beverages under the trademark "RC-Cola" which included "Kick Cola", Kick Orange Soda", "Upper-10" and a sugar-free low-calorie drink "Diet Rite Cola". All the drinks were made of ingredients branded by American "Royal Crown Company Inc.".

In 1998 a large-scale marketing research showed that Ukrainian people truly loved so memorable "soviet" drinks. Due to this fact having restored classic recipes of those times our technologists created drinks which formed a new series "Nostalgee": "Limonad", "Dushes", "Tarhun", "Baykal", "Sitro".

In 1999 the packaging assortment was increased. Except for 2-liter plastic bottle and 0.33-liter can, a new small 0.5-litter plastic bottle was produced.

At the end of 1999, when Ukrainian production of low-alcohol drinks was at the dawn, the production of a new low-alcohol series "Pilot" was launched. It included "Pilot Rom-Cola", "Pilot Gin-Tonic", "Pilot Cream-Soda", "Pilot Melon", "Pilot Cranberry", "Pilot Grapefruit", and "Pilot Black Currants".

In 2000, following the world tendencies of functional beverages production, the manufacturing of new products began. They were non-alcoholic carbonated drinks containing natural juices: "Bon Boisson Orange", "Bon Boisson Pineapple", "Bon Boisson Lemon", "Bon Boisson Apple", "Bon Boisson Multivitamin". Consumers have appreciated the felicitous combination of new products' taste, aroma, and usefulness at its true value. As a result in 2001 juice-containing drinks made up about 50% of the total production volume.

As a logical continuation of a successful juice-containing series, new beverages "Vitamin ACE"appeared in 2001. They contained natural juices and were enriched with vitamins A, C, and E. That same year the low-alcoholic series "Pilot" was replaced by non-alcoholic one, which combined the world's best known beverages: "Pilot Cola", "Pilot Lemon", "Pilot Orange".

In July 2004 the "Nostalgee" series added on one more original drink "Zolotoy Oreh". And such beverages as "Bon Boisson White Grapes" and "Bon Boisson Sicilian Orange" became a good addition to the juice containing collection.

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City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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