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Worsted and Carded Company CHEKSIL is one of the largest European manufacturers of wool fabrics. The mill and the office of the company are situated in the ancient Ukrainian city of Chernigov which is located 150 km north from the country's capital Kiev.

The company has available an up-to-date recently renewed textile machinery park which represents a fully vertical wool textile production  from topmaking to finishing  as well as the necessary technologies, that allow manufacturing of most advanced textile products. Annual production and sales capacities nowadays are up to 5 million running meters of fabrics.

We manufacture both worsted and carded fabrics for various types of garments: suits, jackets, trousers, skirts and coats, both for men's and for ladies fashion, as well as for military and corporate uniform.

In company's collection there is a wide range of fashionable worsted pure wool and wool blend suit and trouser fabrics, as well as stretch fabrics with elastan fibre Lycra.

A considerable volume of production and sales in the worsted category of fabrics belongs to the wool blend fabrics for various kinds of uniforms: military, corporate and school.

For spring/summer season we have in our collection some special developments of worsted qualities with linen and cotton.

Our collection of carded fabrics contains classic 80%wool/20% polyamide velours, also with 5% and 10% cashmere manufactured according to the Italian technology. We also present here a large choice of fancy boucle fabrics, fabrics with printed design and tweeds.

Our designers demonstrate a clear understanding of latest fashion trends, with the proper attention and commitment to participate in the mutual cooperation with every Customer, developing the desired assortment according to samples presented by the Customer.

Apart from the fabrics we manufacture and sell knitting and hand knitting yarns as well as plaids, blankets, mattresses and vateline.

We propose you our cooperation, based on personal contacts and mutual benefit.

Phone: +38 0462 651 869

66th Schorsa Street,
City Chernihiv,,
Chernihivska oblast

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