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CJSC Pluton

CJSC Pluton

CJSC Pluton

History of CJSC Pluton started in 1992 from development and manufacturing of rectifiers for city electric transport and metro, and also research in this field. Unified series of converters was developed for city transport and metro traction substations. For the first time we implemented microprocessor technology at city electric transport substations – we developed controllers of rectifiers diagnosis and control system.

In 1996 the Company was named CJSC “Pluton”. In 1999 CJSC “Pluton” started mastering new trends in electrical engineering, such as AC drive and automated control system of engineering processes.

In 1996 our engineers started development of new generation DC switchgears series RU-600 and RU-825 for city electric transport and metro traction substations. In 2003 we started integration of switchgears to operation. The first traction substation with new generation equipment was put into operation in Kiev Metro (“Syretz” station). Our Company was the first manufacturer in the post-Soviet territory to start introduction at metro traction substations of modern switching components, technologies, automation and electronic protection facilities conforming to the highest world standards.

In 2004 we received a diploma of “Elcom Ukraine 2004” exhibition for the best development in the field of power distribution up to 1000 V (new generation switchgear for metro, series RU-825). In 2006 our engineers developed package of DC 3.3 kV equipment for railways traction substations: linear, cathode and standby switchgear, rectifiers 3.3 kV, 2.0 kA, 3.15 kA. Auxiliary switchgears (SHSN) and operating current cabinet (SHOT) were also developed. 3.3kV linear switchgear was successfully tested for operation at Zaporozhye Levoye Station of Ukrainian Railway. We developed special 3.3 kV disconnectors for railways – analog of disconnector applied in metro 1000 V switchgears.

In 2006 we received a diploma for the best development in the field of power distribution 3.3 kV (switchgear for railway traction substations). Since 2007 we supply our equipment to Baku Metro, Almaty Metro under construction, Kiev Metro and other as Main Contractor. Performance of these contracts is in active phase. We continue our cooperation with our permanent customers such as Kiev Metro, Kievpasstrans, Minsk Metro, Minsktrans, Kharkov Metro and others. We are actively working on development of the new markets and attraction of new Customers in the CIS countries and abroad, we work on joint projects with our European partners.

In 2005 Quality Management System according to the International Standard ISO 9001-2002 was introduced at CJSC “Pluton”. In 2009 Pluton successfully passed supervising audit for the conformity of Company Quality Management System to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008.

Phone: +380 612 204 811

5th Novostroyek Street,
City Zaporizhzhia,,
Zaporizhska oblast

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