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CJSC Shpola Food Plant

CJSC Shpola Food Plant

CJSC Shpola Food Plant

Shpola Food Enterprise, a Closed Joint Stock Company, is the proprietor of the trade mark “Jaivir” and is located in Shpola, the heart of Ukraine. Our Enterprise offers high quality products which bring pleasant moments to your friends and family.

At the beginning of the new millennium we began the renovation of the Enterprise by implementing the quality control system known as ISO 9001:2000. As a result of such renovation we started the production of well known chips “Aro” introduced by world trading network “Metro”.
By improving our technologies and quality of products we can better demonstrate our care about you, the environment, and the future of Ukraine. The trade mark “Jaivir” was founded in 2001 by the initiative of the Enterprise2s administration, which realized the importance of positioning their own products, creating a proper image, and manufacturing high quality products in harmony with the clean environment of Shpola2s agricultural. “Jaivir”™ is greatly concerned about winning the loyalty of its consumers, thus stimulating the demand for and the popularity of our products.

The awards received by Shpola Food Enterprise, Closed JointStock Company, as well as the growing number of enterprise dealers, testify to the quality of our products.

Phone: +380 474 152 003

87th Lenina Street,
Town Shpola,,
Cherkaska oblast

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