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In a market characterized by an increasing demand for stainless steel tubes, we have decided to focus the positioning of our Centravis brand between Western technology leaders and emerging challengers from the Far East. Thus we combine the best of two worlds, offering local partnership and global competence.

Our audiences demand a new type of market player, providing high quality solutions at a competitive price and service level. Trust and reliability, however, remain the decisive criteria for building up business relations with our Western customers.

We are proud and confident to say that we are uniquely familiar with both Eastern and Western steel grades and business practices. By concentrating on a niche segment, Centravis will be best placed to take on a leading role in the CIS countries. As a worldwide leader in the heat exchanger segment, we have been able to establish a significant market share and excellent reputation in Western countries. Focusing on both worlds will enable us to become one of the leaders in our markets.

For a start, we are geographically centred in the heart of our business. Being close to all key markets proves to have a major advantage against worldwide competition. Competitive production costs mixed with high investments help us maintain a high process quality on competitive price level. Our customers benefit from optimal performance and the fact that we are always within arms reach, wherever they are. As a company with a strong family profile, we stand for long term stability and reliable partnerships in developed and emerging markets.

Phone: +380 566 222 448

56 Trubnikov Avenue,
City Nikopol,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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