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Chemical Plant ZARJA

Chemical Plant ZARJA

Chemical Plant ZARJA

Rubezhnoye State Chemical Plant ZARJA was built in 1917.

Being steadily developed in the direction of creating new chemicals production facilities, enhancing the range of the products manufactured and improving the quality thereof by using ISO 9001 standard, nowadays, the enterprise is one of the largest chemicals producers.

At present, the products manufactured by ZARJA are widely used in the pharmaceutical, mining and wood industries, in metallurgy, agricultural chemistry and other industries.

The enterprise is successfully doing business with the leading domestic and foreign companies exporting its products into West Europe and North America as well as into CIS-countries.

The enterprise specialises in the manufacture of various aromatic nitro compounds the most important of which are isomers of mono- and dinitrotoluene, and of the products of main organic synthesis including pentaerythritol, sodium formate, formic acid. There is also produced Granulite-URP.

ZARJA is one of major suppliers of industrial use explosives, emulsion explosives and of special grades of trinitrotoluene. Based on the existing production facilities for oleum and regenerated sulphuric acid, there is manufactured a wide range of mineral salts such as sodium bisulphite and sodium sulphite.

The existing facilities are being modernised while, at the same time, new manufacturing plants are being developed and put into commercial operation. Over the recent years, there have been built and brought on stream several manufacturing plants, namely, for the production of formalin, formic acid, urea-furane resins, 80/20 ratio blended isomeric dinitrotoluenes, calcium nitrate, urea-formaldehyde concentrate.

In February, 2007, according to the Policy and the Major Purposes in quality and ecological management of Rubezhnoye Chemical Plant "Zarja" for 2007, certification of the following systems was performed successfully:

- quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001:2000 international standard (certificate number is. QMS No 213533 dated 19.04.2007)
- ecological management system for compliance with ISO 14001:2001 international standard (certificate number No 213534 dated 19.04.2007)

In June 2007 precertificational audit of the Occupational Saferty and Health Care Management System for compliance with OHSAS 18001 international standard.

Certifications were performed by the auditors of Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine Company

Phone: +380 6453 95083

1st Zavodskaya Street,
Luganska oblast

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