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Leather - dressing was one of the oldest crafts in Kyiv Rus' and the skilled craftsmen curing and tanning leather were called chinbars. Chinbar [Tanner] became the name of a modern Kyiv leather - dressing company.There were 24 small tanneries in Kyiv gubernia at the start of the 19th century, among them a leather manufactory, a typical backyard production facility founded in 1845 and owned by Kobets, a lower middle class merchant of Kyiv.
After the Russian Revolution (1917) and till 1926, the factory remained the principal supplier of leather for Red Army footwear.
In 1926 - 1941, it ranked with the leaders in Ukraine's leather industry. In 1994 - 1998, it was re - equipped and modernized, using processor - aided production control systems supplied from Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Czech Republic.
Currently, it has lines processing raw materials and semifinished items:
1.Soaking - liming section. Here soaking, liming, dyeing, and tanning is done in processor - controlled Dose drums (Germany).

2. Pelt - fleshing section using the Omnivor 5 machine supplied by Mercier (France).

3. Pre - tanning treatment and tanning, using Nardi Sandro drums (Italy).

4. Stretch - drying and finishing, using Rizzi, Rollmac, BERGI O.F.B., and Quick equipment supplied by Forni Varese (Italy).

Chinbar tenders to sale a natural skin:

crust, chrome - tanned leather
belt leather; sole leather
harness leather;
oil-tanned heat-resistant leather;
split leather.

Phone: +380 444 684 271

21st Kurenyvskaya Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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