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Chumak is a modern Ukrainian food provider and one of Ukraine's biggest food companies. The Chumak brand is one country's most well-known and popular trademarks.

Today Chumak serves consumers with ketchup and other varieties of tasty sauces, mayonnaise, tomato paste, fresh squeezed juice; sunflower oil and pickled vegetables as well as many other products made according to Chumaks own recipes.

The company's products are sold in Ukraine under the Chumak brand and are exported to countries such as Canada, Russia, USA, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Israel, Spain and the Baltics, and many others around the world.

Chumak's corporate slogan is "From Field to Table". Our production facilities are located next to the fields, which is a great opportunity to not only help the farmers develop the best raw materials for Chumak products, but also an excellent way to make sure that the vegetables used in our production keep the highest level of freshness and taste already from the beginning of the production process. Naturally, this is regarded as one of Chumak's advantages over competitors.

Phone: +380 552 326 001

Kozatska Street,
Town Kakhovka,,
Khersonska oblast

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