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Commercial Bank Investbank

Commercial Bank Investbank

Commercial Bank Investbank

Public Joint Stock Society «Commercial Bank «Investbank» is registered by the National Bank of Ukraine in the Bank registration book on 31st of March 1992 under number 95, and performs its activity on the basis of the license ¹ 98 dated 17.06.2009 and permission ¹ 98-3 dated 17.06.2009.

Public Joint Stock Society «Commercial Bank «Investbank» is an assignee of the rights and liabilities of limited responsibility company -Joint Stock Commercial Bank «Investbank».

PJSS «CB«Investbank» is a public joint stock company. The shareholders of the company are legal entities and physical persons.

PJSS «CB«Investbank» is not a specialized bank . It performs its activity in Odessa region trying to create favorable conditions for the support of small and medium business, providing the full spectrum of bank services.

PJSS «CB «Investbank» has a branch joined to the bank in 2000 by reorganizing the JSCB «Arkadiya» from the independent bank into the subsidiary, and also fifteen departments: ten in Odessa, two departments in Illichevsk and three in Odessa region : Sukhoy Liman, Avangard, Zatoka

Strategic direction of the Bank activity is a permanent increase of capital, aiming the increase of bank operations volume and their spectrum widening, minimization of risks, that all bank activity has, increasing clients quantity and services given, and accomplished the Bank's activity concerning commercial interest of shareholders and clients.

The Bank is a member of «The First Fund Trade System» Association, «Ukrainian interbank currency exchange», Association of «Ukrainian fund traders», and Professional association of registers and depositaries.

Bank has a license given by Securities National commission of Securities and fund market, which gives an opportunity to provide a professional activity on the securities market. (types of activity: emission and circulation of securities and depositary activity of the securities keeper)

Bank is a qualified member of international paying system Master Card International, which gives an opportunity to issue and circulate own cards. Also is a member of UkrCard.

For being able to provide money transfers activities ,Bank is a partner of Western Union, Avers, Leader, Unistream and takes part in the System of urgent payments of National Bank of Ukraine.
The main principle of our work is to study carefully the specifics of work of our clients and offer complex efficient solutions to them. We create individual conditions for support of every client, aspiring to mutually advantageous and long-term cooperation.
Seventeen -year experience of Bank operation at the market, implementation of its obligations in time, including the times of crisis proves the reliability of the bank as a financial partner.
Our work is distinguished by efficiency, quality of service and wide range of the bank services.

Operative and quality service makes our difference.

Phone: +380 487 222 144

2nd-B Bolshaya Arnautskaya Street,
City Odessa,,
Odess'ka oblast

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