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Company Agroresurs

Company Agroresurs

Company Agroresurs

Right choice of strategy grounded on profound study of actual market situation, clear goals, proper investments, highly professional management, skillfully selected staff working as a team, orientation at consumers and vision of perspectives – those are main components of successful functioning of the largest manufacturer of gas heating equipment in Ukraine — Close Company “Agroresurs”.

Today household gas-fired boilers, convectors and hot water boilers of trademarks “Danko” and “Rivneterm” manufactured by CC “Agroresurs” enjoy great popularity both among national consumers and those from near foreign countries due to high economical efficiency, effectiveness and operational reliability, modern design, quality of production and reasonable price. More that 300 thousand boilers provide warmth to consumers of Ukraine and neighboring countries.

The enterprise was founded in August 1997, it has been functioning at the market of Ukraine for more than 10 years. The production activity started in April 2002 from the production of the first run of 49 heating boilers. Constantly increasing demand and corresponding increase of volume of production took their effect: according to the results of 2006 “Agroresurs” is the only boilers manufacturer in Ukraine with an annual output which exceeds 100 thousand pieces. The enterprise production covers about 21% of heating equipment market of Ukraine.

The products assortment numbers more than 130 modifications of heating boilers with capacity ranging from 2,5 to 100 kW serving for autonomous and individual heating systems: gas-fired and coal-fired ones, those with and without independent power supply, flue boilers and ones with hermetically sealed combustion chamber, single- and double-function ones, floor-type and wall-type boilers, boilers with steel, cast iron and copper heat exchangers. They are equipped with automatic safety and control system HONEYWELL (Netherlands), SIT (Italy) or KARE (Poland) and highly efficient heat-resistant stainless steel micro-flame burners. Their efficiency is 91–92 %.

All the products are manufactured at modern highly technological equipment: stamping line made by Amada (Japan), sheet-bending presses Finn-Power (Finland) and Amada (Japan), assembly conveyer, automated powder painting line Ideal-Line (Denmark). Heat technology testing laboratory of the enterprise provides possibilities to test all the novelties of production.

Production of “Agroresurs” is certified in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova. As for the further prospects there are plans to enlarge the assortment and nomenclature of goods, increase the production and sell output, to enlarge the production base, to improve technological process and to come into new markets of near and far foreign countries.

Phone: +380 362 631 938

35th Nyzhnyodvoretska Street
City Rivno,,
Rivnenska oblast

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