Company SMART

Company SMART

Company SMART

Company “SMART” is offering to your attention car tuning, installing car alarms, auto-electronics and accessories for tuning with delivering throughout Ukraine.

Repair and maintenance of air conditioners:

Services which we provide is at the HIGH level. We have all necessary equipment to complete full system diagnostics and repair.

Mechanical engine tuning:
We offer you an excellent combination of quality and prices.


Touch-Screen Controller for Toyota.

This device is manufactured by «GARMIN» and provides excellent navigation service.

Eco-Box (only for diesel cars)
Thanks to this device you can simultaneously reduce fuel consumption and improve environmental surrounding.

Protections of painting and clear coat of cars.

Window tinting is made with different colors included: Blue, Green, Red and Sea Wave.

Wide selections of sports seats are available from well known manufacturers such as “Bimarco”, “Maxx”, “Onyx” and others.

Phone:+380 342 249 255

17th Lenkavskoho Street,
City Ivano-Frankivsk,,
Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast

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 Transportation products and services in Ukraine

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