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Company Sumyfitofarmacia

Company Sumyfitofarmacia

Company Sumyfitofarmacia

Company Sumyfitofarmacia is a company involved in growing, collection, processing, producing and supplying for medicinal vegetative raw materials, spices and natural tea ingredients.

We located in Sumy city, Ukraine. Here we have head office and production facilities of the company. We are one of the leading representatives of medicinal vegetative raw materials market, spices market and natural ingredients market on the territory of Ex Soviet Union and Europe by assortment range and processed volume of our products.

Having wide net of suppliers and farmers in Ukraine, main our rest we concentrated on cultivating and collection of wild growing medicinal vegetative raw materials and spices. During the cultivation of medicinal vegetative raw materials, we use practice for herbs cultivation which was used at the time of Soviet Union and also we use practice which is applicable abroad (Good Manufacturing Practice).

During collection of medicinal herbs we use recommendations which were taken from technical documentation and National Pharmacopoeia, issue XI, and also recommendations of Wild Crafting Practice, which is applicable abroad. More than half of our products assortment (about 70 %) we obtain in Ukraine. The rest part we import from other countries, like CIS, Balkans, Africa, Asia and South America.

Having big net of client in the world, we have possibility to offer and supply big quantity of herbs and spices. We have own system of quality control in the company, by using which we always can control quality of incoming goods for corresponding to all standards and requirements which we use, also to control quality of the products during production process, and during sending products to our customers.

Our products are selling in the markets of Ukraine and Russia, where we keep leading status, and also in the markets of Europe, America, Japan, and Asia. Our clients are biggest producers of food products, tea, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetic products. In total, company works with more than 400 names of medicinal vegetative raw materials and spices. Turnover of the company is about 5000 tons of medicinal vegetative raw materials, spices and tea ingredients every year. Having big, qualified and friendly staff we work for satisfying our client’s needs and always ready to study, grow and develop and do not stop on achieved.

Phone: +380 542 780 137

11th Zalivnaja Street
City Sumy,,
Sumska oblast

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