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Creative studio Kolorytmy

Creative studio Kolorytmy

Creative studio Kolorytmy

Creative studio “Kolorytmy” was founded in 2000 by Svitlana Yurchenko and Olena Zavalska. The basic motivation of the creators was a need to realize their amateur art talent and innovative potential. The activity began from small parties, trivial acoustic systems, hand –made costumes and stage props. Step by step we achieved a cooperation with certain base of our customers, and can say that each of them became our teacher and friend. By now we have 8 years professional experience behind us, a good team of high professionals and big amount of permanent customers.

Today any of your events such as birthday, jubilee, wedding party, corporate party, kids party will be a new opportunity for us to realize our creative ideas and plans

In order to make a corporate or a family party successful an effective feedback from the customers is needed. That helps to learn more about the audience and to work out a proposal suitable for a concrete audience, for its conditions and being in line with the requested topic.

The scheme of parties making is pretty simple:
1. 1st meeting with customer to obtain information about heart of the audience, place, subject, extent of the party;
2. 2nd meeting with the customer in order to discuss the proposed by us scenario, estimate and arranging formalities (signing of the needed documents);
3. Next meeting(s) may also take place in case scenario additions and/or adjustments are needed.

Scope of our services:
1. Writing a scenario and directing its staging;
2. Professional hosting;
3. Covering dancing part of the program: singers, DJ’s, live music orchestra;
4. Light design of the program;
5. Actors team playing to develop the program;
6. Bringing in popular singers, parodists, actors of original genre, dance groups;
7. Consulting services in:
- Choosing of a proper place for the party;
- Banquet room festive decoration;
- Photo and video filming;
8. Writing a song or poetical greeting dedicated to your addressee, your company etc:
- music;
- text;
- arrangement (minus);
- a phonogram studio record (plus).

Phone: +380 445 016 626

City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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