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Dneprorudresurs Co Ltd

Dneprorudresurs Co Ltd

Dneprorudresurs Co Ltd

Dneprorudresurs Co Ltd. is Ukrainian producer of garnet sand.

Location of our warehouses allows us to make delivery of the product to any part of European and CIS countries in the shortest terms.

Garnet sand is delivered in 25kg paper bags packed into 1T and 2T BigBags. Delivery can be made via sea, railway or track. There is also possibility of loading from warehouse.

Dneprorudresurs Co Ltd offers size of garnet sand between 30 Mesh and 120 Mesh.

Production process
The unique technology of garnet processing pateneted by our company guarantees the highest purity of garnet (97-98%) and highly accurate size of grains.

U-Garnet is separated from the whole rock. It doesn’t affect natural qualities of garnet like supreme hardness (7.5-8.0 Moh) and high cutting ability.

Production volume allows us to satisfy raised demand of industrialized countries for this product.

Quality control
Quality control on each stage of production guarantees the high quality of the product and sub-angular shape of the grain.

Each new batch of concentrated garnet is checked by strict laboratory control for it’s hardness, purity, shape of the grain.

In summary our consumer always gets high-quality product that allows both reduce production costs and machines run-out and increase productivity.

Phone: +380 562 361 051

12th Lenina Street, suite #3
City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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