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Today JSC "Dontehrezina" is one of high-end enterprises of Ukraine in production of general mechanical rubber goods for key branches of industry - machine industry and metallurgy, coal and mineral resource industry, automobile and railway transport.

JSC "Dontehrezina"  this is 5 production departments with needed equipment and more than 300 specialists, which twenty-four-hour work for your profit.

QUALITY of our products is under inspection of accredited laboratory of our enterprise (accrediting diploma 06544-3-4-489-VL issued by Industrial policy ministry of Ukraine 26.07.2002).
At the enterprise is incorporated the quality system ISO 9001-2001, products are certificated in the system UkrSEPRO.

Evidence of our market standing stability is growth dynamics of the enterprise  sustained production expansion and products sales increase, mastering of innovated products and up-dated materials.

For expansion in the number of business partners sustains not only performance possibility of most difficult orders and undertime of deliveries, but also multifaceted approach in supplying of mechanical rubber goods. Hundreds of permanent customers throughout Ukraine and abroad, thousands of positive-acting modules and mechanisms in all branches of industry  this is the result of our multiannual work.

If you are interested in development of your enterprise we gladly invite you for effective and mutually advantageous cooperation.

Phone: + 380 623 854 806

28th Yugoslavskaya Street,
City Donetsk,,
Donetska oblast

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