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Drogobych truck crane plant

Drogobych truck crane plant

Drogobych truck crane plant

The history of Joint Stock Company "Drogobych truck crane plant" (JSC "Drogobych truck crane plant") began in the second half of 1959 in the north-eastern part of Drogobych town while the construction of the washing-machines plant under the Kyiv Ukrderzprom project started.

In 1962 that uncompleted unit was transferred to Lviv radnargosp. At that time its industrial areas with service premises occupied about 10 thousands square meters, which was completed up to 70%. On November 10, 1965 the workshop #36 of Lviv loading machines plant was separated as the independent enterprise - "Drogobych autocrane plant", which belonged to Roads and Public machine-construction Ministry of the USSR. This date is considered the plant's birthday.

Two months later (on January 6, 1966) by the order of minister the enterprise was renamed into "Drogobych truck crane plant". Rates of truck cranes production were increasing with months going, and at the end of 1967 were produced 3250 truck cranes with load-lifting capacity of 4t.

The 1971 was a critical period for the plant's personnel. The workers mastered the serial production of a new model of truck crane. It was a significant industrial achievement, the number of produced truck cranes grew up from month to month. During one year 2917 machines left the plant. The same year the plant took part at VDNH of USSR (The Show of National Economics Achievements), where a new model of a truck crane KC-2561E with load-lifting capacity of 6,3t was presented. In the 70's the plant became famous in many countries of the world. The model KC-2561E started to be exported to Hungary, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Korea, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Laos, Kampuchea, Angola, Mozambique, Congo, Vietnam, Tanzania.
In 1973 the plant presented a new model of a truck crane KC-2571 with the hydraulic drive at VDNH again. The enterprise was awarded with a special diploma for high industrial and technical achivements. After demonstration in Moscow the new model was exhibited at the international show-fairs in Bulgaria , Yugoslavia , Poland and Hungary.

Since 1984 the production of a new truck crane KC-4574 based on chassis KamAZ was started.

In 1994 the production of truck cranes KC-4574A with load- lifting capacity of 22,5t was started.

In 2000 the crawler crane model KGS-28.1 with load-lifting capacity 28t based on the tank chassis T-62 was designed.

Genarally speaking, since 1965 the production mastered an extensive range of truck crane models: starting from the mechanical ones with the load-lifting capacity of 3t- 6,3t up to hydraulic with the load- lifting capacity of 10t, 14t, 16t, 18t, 22,5t, 25t, 28t, 32t and also the hydraulic cylinders, pipe carriers, crane-manipulators. The general quantity of the sold truck cranes is over 70 thousands units wich are operated not only in Ukraine and CIS countries but also in Europe, Near East, Latin America, Africa.

Phone: +380 324 431 868

22nd Gaidamatska Street,
City Drogobych,,
L'vivska oblast

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