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Elgran Company

Elgran Company

Elgran Company

Elgran Company is one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises specializing on extraction and processing of a natural stone.

Production of Limited Liability Company Elgran is widely known on the Ukrainian market and has constant demand in the European countries. Today our enterprise provides a full cycle of manufacture — from extraction of raw material to manufacturing the products of any complexity and high quality.

Today production of LLC Elgran is widely known in the world market, it has constant demand in many CIS countries, in Poland, Turkey, China, Check Republic, and Latvia. The total productive capacity of the enterprise makes 10 000 m² of products per month.

The long-term operational experience with a natural stone of domestic and foreign deposits, constant updating of manufacture, use of the newest technologies, professional and scientific potential, and also the originality of Ukrainian granites allows us to expand constantly the variety of production and to satisfy the of the most exacting clients.

Phone: +380 522 559 047

50st Shossejnaya Street,
City Sokolovskoe,,
Kirovohradska oblast

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