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Energoresurs-Invest Corporation

Energoresurs-Invest Corporation

Energoresurs-Invest Corporation

In February 2009 we celebrated the 10th anniversary since Energoresurs-Invest Corporation was founded. The Corporation was created as a result of structural combination of manufacturing and research organizations participating in the realization of the innovative project called “The Regional center for hydrothermal pipe insulation of heat networks” run by the State Innovation Fund. This project was supported by the national government and the State Innovation Fund of Ukraine, and its successful implementation in the late 1990s gave birth to a new national industry: production of pipes and shaped components previously insulated by foamed polyurethane for heat power enterprises.

From the very beginning, the Corporation set a course for high quality products, expansion of their range, and cost reduction. It became possible thanks to growing production capacities, production of the necessary materials and components, further investment in new technologies, and development of related activities.

Energoresurs-Invest was one of the first companies in Ukraine to introduce into the production process a product quality control system in accordance with the SSSU (State standardization system of Ukraine) ISO 9001, and later confirmed its conformity to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standards and the SSSU ISO 9001:2001. All the products manufactured by the Corporation are certified in accordance with the UkrSEPROM system.

This production strategy enabled the Corporation to rapidly start production of high quality products at affordable prices, gain a strong position in the market, and oust foreign companies from it. At the same time, the Corporation provided technical assistance in creating similar companies in other regions of Ukraine.

Energoresurs-Invest Corporation was the first in Ukraine and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) to master the production of insulated expansion joints, heat shrinkable and arc welding sleeves for pipeline welded joint insulation, multi-layer polyethylene mantle pipes, advanced technology of polyurethane system foaming by cyclopentane, all of which opened additional possibilities for reducing heat losses.

In a short time period, Energoresurs-Invest Corporation became one of Europe’s largest companies in this branch producing and supplying a whole range of products for underground and over-ground pipeline laying for main and distribution heat networks. The Corporation’s annual sales of products reach 30%-40%. In 2008, sales of products in money’s worth exceeded UAH 250 million (25% of which came from exports).

Phone: +380 322 255 437

131st Zelena Street,
City Lviv,,
L'vivska oblast

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