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Enlightening-production and commercial firm Syaivo Ltd

Enlightening-production and commercial firm Syaivo Ltd

Enlightening-production and commercial firm Syaivo Ltd

“Enlightening-production and commercial firm “Syaivo” Ltd. is an authoritative supplier of the high quality raw materials for bakery, confectionary, fat-and-oil, mixed feed branches, enterprises of poultry and animal breeding.

The firm was established in 1993, is a member of the Chernihiv Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Ukraine.

We have an office with the accredited laboratory in the centre of the town thus we provide a high level of quality of the goods and a production plant with a branch line in the industrial area with cleaning and drying equipment, warehouses for grain storage.

Location of Nizhyn on automobile and railway main roads near the frontier triangle Ukraine–Belarus–Russia enables the firm to go out onto the world markets. We export to Poland, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechia, Serbia, Holland, Bulgaria, Belarus,Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, India, Malta. We make deliveries by railway wagons, containers, trucks to the ports and from our warehouse to the buyer's warehouse. In our turn we accept counteroffers for import.

We are always ready to offer a wide range of oilseeds, legumes, cereals, oil-cakes, oils. Besides, we fulfill orders for delivery of other similar goods trying to satisfy the clients’ specific needs.
We guarantee high quality of the goods, competitive prices and flexible terms of payment, prompt fulfillment of orders and stable deliveries upon a specified schedule.

Phone: +380 463 154 432

7-A, Moskovs'ka Street,
City Nizhyn,,
Chernihivska oblast

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