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Firm Apteka-95

Firm Apteka-95

Firm Apteka-95

Pharmaceutical Firm Apteka-95 was founded in 1995 as a wholesale company dealing with sales of medications to budget and commercial organizations. Complex service and satisfaction of all requirements of the establishments of the pharmaceutical and healthcare customers in Ukraine is a result which we achieved by the year 2002.

Today the territory of our activities has exceeded Ukrainian boundaries and our products are supplied to many companies in Russia and other C.I.S. countries.
Our central office and storage facilities are situated in Kharkiv. In order to provide efficient service to our clients there is a network of regional representative offices and warehouses.

Apteka-95 has over 280 employees working in the following departments:
- Medications wholesale and promotion services; - Supplies of pharmaceutical process equipment;
- Servicing and modernization of pharmaceutical process equipment;
- Supplies of laboratory and analytical equipment, laboratory furniture;
- Supplies of pharmaceutical raw materials;
- Customs clearance and certification of the imported goods in Ukraine.

Apteka-95 successfully cooperates with the majority of Ukrainian pharmaceutical plants. This allows us to offer the widest range of Ukrainian medications and makes us a leader in Kharkiv Region and one of the biggest distributors in Ukraine.

Apteka-95 was rewarded with different diplomas and awards several times. In the survey of Apteka Weekly pharmaceutical plants and drugstores recognized our company among the best distributors.

One of our strategies is support of domestic manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and meeting all their requirements and needs in process and laboratory equipment, raw materials and consumables. Apteka-95 successfully cooperates with majority of Ukrainian pharmaceutical plants.

There are world leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical raw materials, process and laboratory equipment among our partners.

Flexibility, system of discounts, privileges and deferring of payment, minimum extra charges, delivery and service of the goods make cooperation with us attractive to commercial companies as well as budgetary organizations. Professionalism and efficiency of our personnel, high quality of supplied goods and services allow us to cooperate successfully with more than 1000 clients and constantly increase scope and amount of supplies.

Ukrainian pharmaceutical market is growing rapidly. There are more than 90 pharmaceutical plants and factories in Ukraine. Currently Ukrainian pharmaceutical plants are being reconstructed in order to comply with GMP guidelines. According to Tacis, the cost of making the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry fully compliant with EC GMP rules is estimated to be $ 100-250 million and could take five to eight years to complete.

Phone: +380 577 140 603

17th Yurjevskaya Street,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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