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Football club Metalurg

Football club Metalurg

Football club Metalurg

The training camp of football club "Metalurg" is situated in one of the most picturesque areas of Zaporizhzhya city - on Velikyy Lug. It is a camp of the team since 1961. Originally since its construction in the sixties the complex was assigned to be a one-day preventorium for football players.
As time goes by the buildings and fields have undergone some changes, both qualitative, and quantitative. Now the camp occupies the territory of 50 thousand square meters. It has 3 football pitches of different size and purposes: one field 102,68 meters, and two - 104,68 meters. Also you can see an 113,74 meter pitch with an artificial coating, tennis court. The camp is designed for 50 inhabited places.

The part of the camp is made as a small two-storeyed building where inhabited rooms for football players, a hall for viewing matches, medical center, training hall, dining room, and kitchen, room with billiard and tennis table are located, and also there is a sauna in a separate building.

Phone/Fax: +380 612 240

2 12th Kvitnya Street
City Zaporizhzhya,,
Zaporizhska oblast

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