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"Fortuna-bank" Joint-Stock Company was registered by National Bank of Ukraine on 17th of October, 2002, as limited liability Company with share of foreign capital (Registration No. 282 in State register of banks). Individual tax code – 262547326650. VAT payer certificate – 35482183. Bank is a member of Association of Ukrainian banks, Fund for the Guaranteeing of Deposits of Natural Persons, Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange.

Main figures of bank activity can be seen on balance sheet for 2008 year.

Auditor Company Fincom Audit was complied independent external audit of financial and economical activity of "Fortuna-bank". Auditor conclusion on annual accounting is positive. In 2004 independent auditor company KPMG Audit was complied audit, which also confirmed positive state of the bank.

In 2004 the scheduled inspection of the Fund for the Guaranteeing of Deposits of Natural Persons confirmed that "Fortuna-bank" observes standard-law acts and Law of Ukraine "On the Fund for the Guaranteeing of Deposits of Natural Persons".

Main conception of the bank is maximum satisfaction of clients’ needs and creation of mostly favorable conditions for their activities.

As a result of purposeful clients policy bank attracted big clients, who work in dynamically developing sectors of Economics.

Main directions of "Fortuna-bank" activity are:
- crediting of real sector of economy;
- serving of export-import operations;
- international accounts;
- developing and introduction contemporary banking technologies.

Strategic plans of "Fortuna-bank" provide for further enlargement of client base both due to powerful financial and industrial structures and by the attraction of middle and small business, and physical persons as well. At the same time bank plans save traditional directions for active operations, paying special attention to increasing their reliability. "Fortuna-bank" positions itself as multi-purpose bank.

"Fortuna-bank" in planned character increase credit portfolio simultaneously keeping high liquidity of bank’s assets. Main purpose of bank’s activity is gaining profit by providing of full spectrum of credit-financial services, increasing bank’s share in all market segments of financial market. Strategic outlook of "Fortuna-bank" is in consolidation its position among leading commercial banks of Ukraine and gaining reputation of reliable and profitable bank.

"Fortuna-bank" plans to open bank branches in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovs’k, and, lately, in Donets’k, Lviv, Odessa.

Phone: +380 445 376 226

35th-b, Borychiv Tik Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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