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Foundation Center for Contemporary Art

Foundation Center for Contemporary Art

Foundation Center for Contemporary Art

In 2008, the Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Kyiv officially closed its doors. Yet shortly after this closing, the infrastructure of the center was reformulated and reopened as the Foundation Center for Contemporary Art - an organization with a similar mission to support emerging and non-commercial contemporary art practices.

Foundation CCA is a non-profit non-governmental organization that operates as a vital communicator between the contemporary visual arts and actual social processes.

Foundation CCA believes that it’s mission lies in the activation of and support to the social role of contemporary art as well as in provoking continuous dynamic dialogue between art and society.

Foundation CCA stimulates development of non-commercial artistic practices with a particular emphasis upon education and audience development for those who are interested to discuss and learn more about various aspects of contemporary art.

Foundation CCA forms an educational platform for professionals and amateurs of contemporary art that allows for the filling in of critical gaps and blind spots in terms of both theory and practice. By creating programs for research and making available our extensive archive of Ukrainian art of 1990-2000, we at Foundation CCA seek to enrich new forms and possibilities for contemporary art across a wide spectrum.

Foundation CCA also functions as an international communicator and platform for meetings of Ukrainian and foreign artists and researchers.

Additionally, Foundation CCA holds regular lectures and open discussions, initiates exhibitions and research projects, creates educational programs, and hosts international artistic residences.

Our mission at Foundation CCA is to work both with and for young artists, curators, critics, journalists and researchers as well as wider circles of artists, social activists, intellectuals and general public.

Phone: +380 442 214 049

34th Shchekavytska Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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