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Fulbright Ukraine

Fulbright Ukraine

Fulbright Ukraine

We are beginning the second decade of the Fulbright program in Ukraine appropriately enough with the launch of a new, updated, and more interactive Web page. There had been a few Fulbright scholars in and from Ukraine before 1992-3, but it was only in that year that a separate program for Ukraine was instituted.

Just as this Web page, which builds upon an earlier one, so the Fulbright program builds upon earlier scholarly contacts between Ukraine and the United States. While in the first years of the Fulbright program in Ukraine we emphasized exchanging information about each other and about our programs, now we are both broadening and deepening our contacts among faculty and students alike.

In the decade of its existence, the Fulbright Program in Ukraine has become part of the willing web of the Fulbright scholar community. Through the programs sponsored by the government of the United States, Ukrainian scholars have become a part not only of the American academic community but of the world-wide community of scholars that is spearheaded by, but not limited to, the Fulbright alumni.

We want to provide you with information about the programs we offer, give some pointers on preparing effective applications, and direct you to other related activities.

We hope this web page will serve as a further means of maintaining and expanding scholarly communication. We hope you will not only learn about the programs and opportunities available to you, but that you will also find persons who are interested in topics related to your own areas of expertise or interest. We also hope you will be able to locate lost friends and find new ones.

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