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GROST Addiction Clinic

GROST Addiction Clinic

GROST Addiction Clinic

‘GROST’ Addiction Clinic is a major clinic in the south of Ukraine operating since 1996. The treatment of drug, toxic substances, gambling addiction, alcoholism and accompanying depressions and neuroses, including rehabilitation and psychological correction is held here.

There are two hospital departments functioning at the clinic; they are situated in comfortable cottages in resort districts of Odessa. These departments are protected by a security service twenty four hours a day.

All the relations between our personnel and patients are based on strict principles of confidentiality.
The treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction usually includes group psychotherapy, one or several types of consultations and education and nurture programme. The medical intervention is also could be necessary for a patient. The alcohol addiction treatment programmes are often being the part of general regimen and they continue to function after the end of final stage of alcohol addiction treatment. The physical aspects of drinking are not the only focus of alcoholism treatment. The alcoholism treatment programme educates a patient to handle his everyday routine problems with no use of alcohol. A patient obtains strong motivation for actions. He receives a clear answer to a question: ‘Why I shouldn’t drink?’. The treatment of alcoholism will help to overcome an addiction, but this is not possible right away. Alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation is a continuous procedure demanding significant effort both from medical staff and in the first place from a patient himself. The rehabilitation supports a patient to elude the relapse and to get used to the life without alcohol.

Family and friends should also take part in treatment of alcoholism. Their role is not less important than the role of medical experts who are helping to stop drinking at the first stage of alcoholism treatment. The role of relations is to provide help in eluding relapse.

We are proud with our patients who are not our patients anymore!

Phone: +380 487 020 216

31st Oktyabrskoi Revolutsii Street
City Odessa,,
Odess'ka oblast

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