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Global ABC Corporation

Global ABC Corporation

Global ABC Corporation

Our enterprises efficiently work manufacturing and marketing various own goods and distribute a wide range of the commodities produced by other manufacturers. These are domestic chemicals and raw materials for their production, plastic packing materials, perfumery and cosmetics, health-and-beauty articles made of paper and cellulose as well as raw materials for their production, raw materials for production of domestic plastic articles-PVC, construction materials in a wide range, warehousing equipment and machinery. We are successful cargo carriers and forwarders and provide various broker’s services as well, to say nothing about a full set of services in office and commercial realty. Our team exceeds one thousand of professionally trained and experienced specialists.

Following the development trends of the Ukrainian market of goods and services as well as intensive integration processes and cooperation between the existing enterprises, in 2004 we decided to consolidate these enterprises to form the Global ABC Corporation.

The strategic task of the Corporation for next years is to achieve a well-balanced combination of all constituent companie’s potentials, which should result in a new position of the Global ABC Corporation in the Ukrainian market and abroad.

The Corporation views itself as a full standing stakeholder in the domestic market of goods and services. We adhere to the international quality standards in all aspects of our activity: production, customer services, financial reporting and corporate management. All our actions and efforts are aimed at expansion of the range and quality of provided services and manufactured goods, and the growth of profits gained by the Corporation through better welfare of our clients.

Ongoing economic revival and improvement of financial welfare of people stimulates higher public demand for quality of products and service. Now there is a demand for complex servicing which helps clients to save time and money as well as be sure they get efficient services and reliable investment.

However, we realize that it is not enough to just be reliable and efficient to persuade potential clients to choose the Global ABC Corporation as a partner for cooperation. It is required to get the information over to our potential clients and tell them about our achievements and advantages. This is why we suggest you to find out more about our activities while reading this booklet and hope to see you among our clients and partners.

Phone: +380 482 373 764

39e, Grushevskogo Street,
City Odessa,,
Odess'ka oblast

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