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GoodNet Ukraine

GoodNet Ukraine

GoodNet Ukraine

Any site placement starts with the choice of the hosting provider.
Where is it better to get hosting, which hosting plan to choose, will my site use much traffic, which hosting control panel should I choose (DirectAdmin or cPanel) and how can I create my site? All these questions are related to the hosting provider and to services, it provides.

Actually, everything is simple about that. You just need to order a trial period with us, look how control panels work, choose the one, you like most and try creating email accounts. Then create a site and look how it will be displayed to your visitors and how fast it loads. You can also discuss your problems and ask questions at our forum or at our technical department, which is 24/7 available. Hosting, provided by GoodNet Ukraine is quality hosting and reliable solution for you. We’ve got our own datacenter and fast and reliable communication. We are included to many traffic exchange points (kh-ix, ua-ix). And remember – our traffic is unlimited.

If you are an experienced user and you know what to do (e.g., kh-ix or ua-ix hosting), be sure, we provide hosting in these traffic exchange points.

Need to register a domain? No problem!
Before you finally choose your hosting package and purchase it, you will definitely need a good and catchy domain. The future of your site – visitors’ traffic and recognizability – will depend on your choice. Please mind, that the domain name should be short and memorable and keep the contents of your site. If it’s not easy for you to make up the name for your domain, we will do our best to assist you with that and register domain for you in the correct domain zone. Please also mind, that purchasing hosting package for a year or more, you’ll get the domain for free.

You would like to start your own hosting business, wouldn’t you?
We will gladly assist you with that. We offer a row of affordable reseller hosting plans with different control panels: cPanel and DirectAdmin. Each reseller will be provided with 2 dedicated IP addresses and a possibility to assign private DNS servers to them

Why choose us?

- Guaranteed server uptime 99.9%
- Guaranteed network uptime 99.5%
- Convenient control panel
- Free domain
- UA-IX and KH-IX connected servers
- 3 days of trial usage
- 30 days money back gurantee
- Professional technical support

Phone: +380 577 513 421

56th Poltavskiy Shlyakh Street, office 309,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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