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GreenCo Group

GreenCo Group

GreenCo Group

"GreenCo Group" is an innovative company that offers the complex high quality service of collection, transportation and utilization of solid domestic waste on the territory of Ukraine

For today "GreenCo Group" is a national leader in implementation of innovative technologies in the sphere of solid domestic waste control.

We are the first company in Ukraine that implements a complex program of creation a new culture of waste using, associating its transportation, sorting and further delivery of useful components on the recycle materials? market and safe utilization of remains which can not be processed again.

"GreenCo" is a pronounced socially oriented company. One of the most important works of the company is a change of social awareness in terms of waste control, particularly in terms of implementation of solid domestic waste separate collection. All the implemented projects are aimed at the improvement of the society life.

The commitment of the company to innovations and optimal usage of natural, temporary and labor resources is one of the characteristic features of "GreenCo Group". The company consecutively follows these principles at all stages of its activity from the internal business-processes management till the final product's presentation qualitative customers service.

Phone: +380 445 033 359

83rd Saksaganskogo Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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