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Guarantee-Audit is a Ukrainian company rendering its services related to audit, accounting, business-consulting and law.

The Company was established in 2003 and presently it is part of Guarantee Group that integrates audit, outsourcing, and law firms.

The key assets of the group are our talent pool, knowledge and expertise as well as the trust of our clients:
- Our talent pool includes managers and specialist who combine skills, experience and pragmatism as well as competence. Being fully aware about the difficulty of tasks the client faces, we always assign highly qualified specialists able to perform expert valuation of the problem and find the ways to address it. We have professional auditors, accountants, advisors and lawyers with impeccable reputation and we believe it to be one of our major competitive advantages
- The competency of our team is confirmed not just by its theoretical knowledge and certificates but by successfully implemented projects as well. Due to our 6-year practice we have gained expertise that combines the in-house methodology for services provision and knowledge of specific features of various business areas
- Like any other company we understand that the cornerstone of successful business is reliable and long-term relations between partners. Therefore, primarily, we focus on development of complete and comprehensive solution for the tasks set by the client. Our team affords an opportunity to not just correct mistakes in accounting and avoid them in future, but also to get a reliable partner in audit, accounting, tax and law areas
- A comprehensive approach to the client’s tasks solution allows to take well-balance and correct decision that will ensure a long-lasting effect for the business
- We always provide the most recent and accurate information which allows to prevent in time the negative consequences in business activities
- Our professional consultations and recommendations allow our clients to have a true and accurate view on their business and to become the market leaders.


Phone: +380 442 308 390

Big Zhytomyrskaya Str. 8 / 14, office 7
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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