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Hotel Citadel Inn

Hotel Citadel Inn

Hotel Citadel Inn

Fort II, where Hotel «Citadel Inn» is located, was built for the purpose of defeanding eastern ways to the Lviv Citadel. This was a troublesome time for the multinational Austro - Hungarian Empire, which was threatened by the territorial disintegration, through internal revolts.

To ensure its future security, Austrian government ordered to build a tower in each capital city, that would impose fear in local residents and suppress any resistance.

In Prague, the capital of Bohemian Kingdom, the Visegrad Castle was reconstructed to serve as Citadel. Also, in the autonomous city of Krakow, the former residence of Polish kings, the Wawel Castle was turned into Citadel. In only two capital cities of the empire, using the latest technology, two new super fortifications were built - Citadel in Budapest at St. Gellért Mount and Lviv Citadel at the Mount «Turkish Shangqiu». The latter was the only one located on a wide plateau, which made it possible to fully adapt all the latest engineering and architectural innovations of the leading Viennese architects.

Citadel Inn Hotel and Resort presents a living reminder of the royal hospitality and majestic traditions of luxury. The hotel is situared in the park zone of the city centre and presents the unique building of XIX century. The building was restored in a more exclusive architectural ensemble. You can perfectly rest here, in the picturesque surroundings of the city, leaving all your everyday problems behind in the atmosphere of harmony and comfort.

Lviv Citadel was designed based on the principles of a new type of fortification structure called Maximilian Tower. This defensive tower was developed by the Austrian arch-duke Maximilian d'Este and its effectiveness was proved during the defense of the new Linz fortress in Upper Austria. Such towers were introduced in most Habsburg territories of the Austrian - Hungarian Empire, starting from the Italian city of Verona, the port harbor of Venice, the Adriatic coast of Croatia, the city of Pula, to Krakow and Lviv Citadels.

This Maximilian Tower in Lviv is the best preserved example of such European architecture of the period making it even a more interesting experience for its guests.

Phone: +380 322 957 777

11th Grabovskiy Street
City Lviv,,
L'vivska oblast

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