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Infertility treatment at ISIDA clinic

Infertility treatment at ISIDA clinic

Infertility treatment at ISIDA clinic

Over 4 thousand children, who would not have been born without the ISIDA clinic, are now thriving, a source of happiness for their parents. We provide couples who were believed to be sterile with an over 50% ñhances for each fertility attempt to give birth to a healthy child – this rate is unprecedented for Ukraine and one of the highest in the world. Our patients, hailing from 27 countries in the world, call it a miracle.

We realize how important time is for those couples whose state of health or age make them dependent on a donor program. You do not have to wait – we are ready to start treatment the moment you are ready. We do not have waiting lists – we have a sufficient number of donors since Ukrainian legislation allows for their remuneration and anonymity.
We strictly keep to the principle “one patient – one donor.” This means that we give an absolute guarantee that the donor’s eggs used for insemination of one patient will not be used in other cycles.

Freedom of choice provides you with greater chances.After the doctor’s consultation you may choose how many embryos you wish to be transferred and how many frozen, in order to increase your chances of pregnancy. Ukrainian legislation does not limit the number of embryos for transfer and does not prohibit them to be frozen, like it does in many European countries.
When planning to visit Ukraine, you will save time and money, and also avoid frustration, since Ukraine does not require entry visas for citizens of the EU, Switzerland, the U.S. and Canada.
Competitive prices. The price of sterility treatment through a donation program and with the help of other procedures of assisted reproduction technologies is still lower than in many European clinics.

ISIDA clinic is looking for the partnership with doctors and medical institutions involved in infertility treatment to cure patients with severe fertility problems especially in cases when there is a need in donors materials.

Phone: +380 442 518 080

65th Ivana Lepse blvd.
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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