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Innovative industrial-technological corporation

Innovative industrial-technological corporation

Innovative industrial-technological corporation

In the middle of 1997 (in conditions of not very high level of life in Ukraine) the idea of cleaning down-feather products appeared, the idea which allowed starting business. There was a demand of compact, mobile, but productive machine for rapid changing of ticking for pillows with simultaneous disinfection and clearing of down.

For these purposes our engineers created the Unit "Selezen M". It became irreplaceable for use in small enterprises of consume services establishments, hotels, sanatoria, rest houses, etc. because it is simple in use and has rather small size.

In 1997 the Unit "Selezen M" was introduced in manufacture for the first time. Since then the product has undergone some changes. Productivity has raised, the current consumption and noise level has decreased, and the design and reliability has improved. The Unit was checked up for work with synthetic down (hollafiber), representing 100 % polyester.

On February, 19th, 1998 the first client received long-awaited service in renovation of pillows.

In 2001 we began working out and introduction of additional devices to improve the service. Working in the field of pillows manufacturing and taking into account demand for manufacture of downy and down-feather quilts, our specialists began working out of blocks of satellites (attachments) for making down from downy-feather mix, manufacturing shleis (a feather separated from shaft), a portioning device for filling already stitched on squares quilts, mattresses, down jackets etc. Now these blocks are under final examination, and we will offer our old and new clients the equipment which will help to master manufacturing products from pure down and shleis quickly and cheap.

All these allowed to manufacture feather and downy-feather pillows, downy-feather and downy quilts, mattresses.

We constantly improve our equipment. Along with working out and introduction of the equipment for small business we have experience of working out and building of machine for industrial purposes, for factories and the processing enterprises. So, in 2001 the machine "Illya Muromets" for industrial production of down was created and introduced. On its base multichamber unit for sorting of down-feather mix, portioning devices, the raw materials storage and many other things are developed and ready to manufacture.

We have connections with factory-partners and our design and quality are in many position better thàn European analogous. Some wares have no analogous at all. We would be glad to cooperate!

Phone: +380 577 514 349

137th Moskovsky Avenue,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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