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Institute of Engineering Ecology

Institute of Engineering Ecology

Institute of Engineering Ecology

Institute of Engineering Ecology, Ltd. is the independent nongovernmental organization. The main directions of its activity are development, production and application of both the new ecologically pure technologies and various equipment for energy saving and environmental protection; carrying out various ecological investigations and examinations as well as ecological and energetic audit of industrial enterprises.

Institute of Engineering Ecology proposes the following developments intended for fuel and power saving and for improving the environmental ecology:
1. Combined technology for reducing the nitrogen oxide formation, flue gas cleaning and waste heat recovering in fuel burning processes.
2. Modern sole burners with increased radiative contribution providing improved efficiency and lowered nitrogen oxide formation for up to 10 Gcal/h productivity boilers.

3. Technology for increasing the boiler efficiency by intensification of the heat exchange in fire-chambers by means of the intermediate (secondary) emitters.

4. New water-tube gas fired hot water 2.0 MW productivity boiler KVV-2.0Gn.

5. New combiner water-fire-tube gas fired hot water 0.63 MW productivity boiler KVVD-0.63Gn.

6. Technology for combustion products recirculation into blast air and fuel for lowering the nitrogen oxide formation.

7. Burners for two-stage burning with lowered nitrogen oxide formation for 5 to 100 Gcal/h productivity boilers.

8. Burners for biogas combusting.

9. Technology for increasing the productivity and/or efficiency of PTVM-50 and PTVM-100 hot water boilers by means of installation of the sole slit burner in the boiler?s cold hopper.

10. Technology for blast air heating with utilizing of secondary power sources.

11. Technology for boiler oil heating with utilizing of combustion products' heat.

12. Scrubber technology for fine dust cleaning in industry and power engineering.

13. Technology for ash trapping from flue gases.

14. Technology for food dust (dry milk, soluble coffee, dry yeast, sugar, etc.) cleaning in technological processes with material catching and recovering.

15. Technology for thermal neutralization of evaporated organic impurities with utilization of energy potential of neutralized material.

16. Technology for diminishing of gas pressure pulsations in boiler fire chamber.

17. Waste incineration modules for 2 t/h productivity.

18. Technology for waste combustible and lubricating materials utilization as a boiler fuel.

19. Heating of incoming ventilation air at the expense of heating system back water's heat.

20. High effective heat exchangers including condensation ones with circular grooves.

21. Preparing the Joint Implementation projects for GHG emission reduction through rehabilitation of the heat generating and distributing equipment of district heating and industrial enterprises.

Phone: +380 444 532 862

2nd A, Zheliabova Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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