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International Transport Systems Co

International Transport Systems Co

International Transport Systems Co

Established in 1897 as a shop for repairing the mining equipment, now International Transport Systems Co. is recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality Bulk Conveyor Equipment and Belt Conveyor Components (incl. structures, drives, tensioning stations, rollers, gearboxes etc.) and equipment for transporting systems (bunkers, feeders)

The company ITRAS is the manufacturer and a supplier of the unified telecommunication systems of dispatcher monitoring and automated control of environmental condition, machines and technological complexes (UTAS system).

We are particularly proud that our equipment has a wide range of application: coal industry (black, brown coal; anthracitic coal); gypsum extraction; iron ore extraction; non-ferrous metal ores, base metal ores, polymetallic ores extraction (aluminum, beryllium, copper, manganous, mercurial, antimonial, cobaltic, nickel ores; noble metals (gold, silver, platinum); nonmetallic extraction (phosphate, salt, soda, quarts, bauxite, spar); clay, kaolin, lime, limestone production; slate, shale extraction; peat-cutting; stone quarrying (granite, marble, dolomite, quartzite), sand production, crushed stone extraction, gravel; cement and concrete industry; coal power plants; ports; metallurgy; tunnel building; agriculture, cattle breeding, agroindustrial complex; fertilizer production; building materials production (metalwork, fences and guards of different modifications); instrument- making (industry); motor - car construction; perfumery; pharmaceutics; gem mining (diamond, sapphire, ruby glass, alexandrite, topaz); chemical industry; food industry; airports; aircrafts; shipbuilding; automated and automatic lines for manufacturing of different products of machine-building industry.

Advanced technologies of bulk material handling virtually help reduce terms and cost of conveyor equipment installation and increase the productivity of a technological complex as a whole.

Together with excellent quality we offer the lowest prices in the world for transportation systems. We do not offer you the universal machines , we offer you a system of machines (conveyors, bunkers, feeders, loading devices, automatic equipment) - all technological complex particularly for your conditions. Our mining engineers and technologists offer you the most economical and technological decisions which will give you profit.

We are ready to help you solve more effectively the problems of different materials transportation, choose equipment particularly for your operating conditions, solve the questions of installation and maintenance during the whole period of equipment operation.

Phone: +380 622 033 171

1st Chusovskaya Street,
City Donetsk,,
Donetska oblast

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