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Interpipe Ukraine

Interpipe Ukraine

Interpipe Ukraine

Even in traditionally product-driven markets such as the steel industry, our passion and commitment to quality will be key to our performance. We believe strongly in the mutual benefit of long-lasting partnerships internally and externally built on our core values of accountability, trust and respect.
We are proactive and flexible giving us a key advantage over our competitors we understand and will keep ahead of all our stakeholders expectations.


We aim to build Interpipe's value through developing the best relationships with our customers throughout the world and offering broad and interesting opportunities to all our employees.


Reliability - Interpipe provides the highest levels of reliability in all aspects of our business: design, production, service and relationships with our clients.

Achievements - Our success is demonstrated by our year-on-year growth-rates. Interpipe continues to achieve significant growth alongside outstanding product development.

Personnel - We firmly believe that the most important investment our company can make is in its people.

Responsibility - Interpipe is a responsible corporate citizen and we care deeply about our social and environmental commitments. Year on year we increase our activity in this sphere across the company.

Partnership - Interpipe aims to develop long-term partnerships across the world. We work in partnership with our clients across all sectors including, direct clients, suppliers, employees and government institutions.

Respect - Interpipe is a young, dynamic and diverse company that has always paid attention to cultural differences. We respect all our customers and accordingly respect the cultural and social differences to be found in our regional markets. Respect is an integral part of our emphasis on partnership something for which we are ready to go the extra mile.

Phone: +380 562 389 434

1st A Pisarzhevskogo Street,
City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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