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JSC Berdichev machine-building plant Progress

JSC Berdichev machine-building plant Progress

JSC Berdichev machine-building plant Progress

JSC Berdichev machine-building plant “Progress” - is one of the oldest enterprises of Ukraine, founded in 1880 by the industrialist L.K.Plakhetskiy and merchant I.M.Doberskiy.
Nowadays the plant can boast of modern effective developments in production of filtering, drying, capacitive equipment for processing systems for many branches of industries.

Products with trademark of Progress are well-known at the world market; they have built up the lasting reputation of reliable, high-quality and efficient equipment. More than a half of produced products are exported to Russia and CIS countries, USA, Germany, Israel, China, Iran, Turkey, India, South Korea and other countries all over the world.

Progress has both strong production facilities and highly skilled staff. Workshops of the plant are equipped with up-to-date processing equipment for foundry works, making blanks, press-forging, assembling and welding works, machining of different materials and afford an opportunity to change processing flexibly. Working area enables manufacturing of unconventional products and producing metal structures weight of which is from 100 kg up to 70 tons, diameter is up to 5 m and length is up to 20 m.

”Progress” has won the strong reputation of reliable supplier of high-quality and efficient equipment. Quality of Progress production is proved by numerous awards, prizes, gold medals and diplomas at a lot of international exhibitions, fairs and forums. Quality system, meeting the highest requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2000, is developed, implemented and functions at the plant. Quality system was certified in January 2003 by the organization on quality systems certification “Prirost”, which is accredited by the German Accrediting Association TGA. Conformance Certificate on quality system QSP-0032/3 is acknowledged in Europe and many countries of the world. Before obtaining the said Certificate, the certified quality system of international standard version ISO 9001:94 had functioned at the plant.

Production program of the enterprise includes filtering, drying, heat-exchange equipment, made of carbon and corrosion-resistant steels, cast-iron, titanium, plastic. The enterprise produces: automatic chamber filter-presses of tower type, automatic chamber filter-presses of horizontal type with upper suspension of polypropylene filter plates, plate-and-frame filter-presses with side suspension of filter plates, belt filters, disc vacuum filters, cartridge and leaf-type filters, capacitive pressurized apparatuses, apparatuses with mixers, ecologically-aimed equipment.

Phone: +380 444 903 888

5th Leontovicha Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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