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JSC Dneprotiazhbummash

JSC Dneprotiazhbummash

JSC Dneprotiazhbummash

JSC"Dneprotiazhbummash" named after Artyom is one of the oldest enterprises of Dnepropetrvsk. It was founded on the base of the works of machine-building Joint Stock of G.Ya Mantel on 26-th of April in 1916,which was evacuated during the First World War from Riga.

It became a state enterprise and began to produce boilers, pumps, winches, ware and stove casts after the revolution and Civil War. In 1921 the Works was named after a famous revolutionary Artem (F.A.Sergeyev).

1955 is a turning point in the Works history. The Works began to produce the basic technological equipment for paper and pulp industry; paper and cardboard machines refiners, calenders, chipping machines, machines for producing fibber-board, linoleum, asbestos-cement pipes, etc. The first paper machine B-03 manufactured for China was a good start for confirmation of our Works as a producer of equipment for pulp and paper industry. It was complitely finished and shipped in 1957.

1961 was the second vivid page in the history of the Works. By the Council of Ministers decision it was included in the list of the most important country's construction sites for the period of five years, from 1961 till 1965. Thanks to its reconstruction, there has been built a new modern Works, producing unique wide-sized highly productive paper and cardboard machines, calenders, super-calenders, heat-recuperating machines, lines for production of three-ply corrugated board and other wares for needs of people. From this period, the Works has built and supplied 29 paper and cardboard machines, machines with trimmed width 4200 mm; modernized 54 and supplied 150 items of equipment for processing and finishing paper, super-calenders, 90 blossing and sizing and, at the same time, embossing calenders, slitters, 52 corrugated cardboard production lines 44 of them were designed with ventilation and heat recuperation af steam-and-air mixture. Besides, for this period of work there was produced a large quantity of separate units for paper-machines for pulp and paper factories (dryers, shafts and a lot of other assemblies).

Our equipment works at many pulp and paper factories of Russia and other CIS countries as well as in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Cuba, Nepal, Norway, Mongolia, Egypt, China and others.

The Works is looking for new markets and trying to occupy a leading position there. It began production of pumps ÖÍÑ-180 for coal-mining industry, separators ÏÁÌ-ÏÏ-90.250, ÏÁÌ-ÏÏ-120.130, suction dredges 8Ãð and Ãð160/31.5 for mining industry. Now our customers are many Concentrating Mills of Kryvoy Rog regione and State Holding Coal Companies of Pavlograd, Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Such enterprises as JSC"YuGOK" and JSC"InGOK" are co-operating with us on stable basis according to a special program aimed at the equipment produced by JSC "Dneprotiazhbummash" named after Artyom.

Phone: +380 562 239 051

98th Bilostotskogo Street,
City Dnipropetrovsk,,
Dnipropetrovska oblast

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