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JSC Kiev Radar Plant

JSC Kiev Radar Plant

JSC Kiev Radar Plant

JSC “Kiev “Radar” Plant” – one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine specializing in manufacture of modern radio-electronic and radar equipment for airplanes and helicopters. Fair reputation of the Kiev radar is a result of many years’ successful work of its personnel.

The plant was created in 1930 and became the leader of the aviation instrument-making industry in Ukraine. The plant is famous as a manufacturer of first in the USSR airplane radio-locators short-range navigation system, RF homing heads for the aviation air-to-air missiles, as well as sophisticated and very sophisticated radiolocation systems for airplanes and helicopters, which are manufactures by aircraft enterprises of Kharkov, Kiev, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Novosibirsk, Tashkent, Kumertau and other cities.

Presently the plant is manufacturing and carrying out repair works of the meteo-navigation radar installations “BURAN-A” (for AN-140, AN-148, BE-200, IL-114 aircrafts), airborne navigation-landing equipment “KURS-93M” (for AN-140, MIG-29, MI-8), meteo-navigation radar installations – 85, “GROZA”, “BURAN” (for various types of TU, AN, IL aircrafts), homing heads 9B 1101K ( for air-to-air R27R1 missiles), sighting-navigation systems PNC-24M (for SU-24), “OSMINOG” (for KA-27, KA-28), systems of state identification 6231R (for SU-27, MIG-29).

Medical electric drills and saws, plates for low-invasive osteosynthesis, original hearing-speech trainers “POLIPHONATOR”, etc. are developed, certified and manufactured by the plant.

The plant is manufacturing domestic gas heating boilers and safety automated mechanisms for them, as well as industrial mainline regulators RDG-50, RDG-80.

Serial manufacture of domestic electric ovens with glass-ceramic surface is established in the plant. A number of components for automobiles (liquids level and pressure gauges, under steering wheel switches, etc) are also manufactured.

The plant is interested in cooperation with developers, investors and industrial enterprises for creation, implementation and serial production of sophisticated science intensive equipment for aviation and other productive industries’ instrument-making, as well as goods for industrial and domestic purposes.

Phone: +380 445 283 047

35th Predslavinskaya Street,
City Kiev,,
Kievska oblast

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