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JSC Marble Quarry Tribushany

JSC Marble Quarry Tribushany

JSC Marble Quarry Tribushany

Company JSC Marble Quarry «Tribushany» produces and sales production of TRIBUCSHANY® and CarboKarp®

Marble crumb (macadam) decorate
fr. 100-500 mm; 10-20 mm; 5-10 mm
Marble sand decorate
fr. 2,5-5mm; 0-5mm; 0-2 mm
Decorate marble ñrump & marble sand of the following colors: light cream, cream (beige), dark cream, creamy mixed with grey, grey, blue and white is of less quantity.

Fields of usage:

• concrete
• mosaic floor
• plaster of different kinds
• stucco of different kinds
• artificial marble × “white” asphalt
• faced tile filled with marble
• pavement flagging covering
• landscape design
• monuments, memorials

CarboKarp® There are two types of this product: marble flour and marble sand of cube shape. The following fractions of this product are:
Marble flour
0-0,05mm; 0-0,2mm
Marble crumb 'cubiform'
0,2-0,5mm; 0,5-1mm; 1-1,5mm; 1,5-2mm; 2-2,5mm; 2,5-3mm; 3-5mm; 3-8mm; 5-8mm

Fields of usage:
• is used for producing dry building mixtures of different kinds
• decorating plaster and stucco
• putties
• ground paint
• floor covering
• protective covering for oil well
• mosaic floors
• façade with ventilating
• artificial marble
• for producing of household chemical goods

Committee of Stockholders of JSC “MQ “Tribushany” offers you to consider their suggestion and to negotiate with them on the subject of investment of the project “Marbles of Ukraine”.

There are more than 17 explored fields of multicolored and parti-colored marble in the west of Ukraine (Zakarpatskaya region). We suggest you to consider the opportunity of investment or buying of this active marble extract business located in the center of Ukrainian “Marble Paradise”.

Enterprise has a license for extraction of 3 marble fields (light, black and green). Moreover, 8 fields of different colors are located within 10 kilometers. Existing productive capacities, areas and work shops, labour resources and their level of professional skills allow to mine not only already existing fields but to develop other nearby bowels.

Phone: +380 313 225 006

34th Dovbusha Street,
Rahovskiy Area,
Delovoe Village,,
Zakarpatska Oblast

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