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KHMELNYTSKY UNIVERSITY of Management and Law is one of the acknowledged centers of legal and management education and science in Western Ukraine. It has a good educational reputation and high social status, and provides Ukraine with highly qualified specialists. The training of lawyers and managers is conducted at a very good professional level. The latest scientific achievements are widely used to deliver quality education service.

The major trends of training include:
- Jurisprudence
- Management of Organizations
- Administrative Management
- State Service.

The training methods entirely answer the requirements of the professional activities. The students efficiently use their knowledge and skills gained at the University being engaged in practical work at the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, local self-government bodies, law-enforcement agencies, etc. The list of the prominent figures is extensive, including the Chairman of Parliament of Ukraine, Justices of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Higher Economic Court, who share their considerable spesialist experience and often give public lectures at the University.
The scientific research is carried out by the professors, postgraduates and students who help to expand professional activities at the Legal Aid Clinic, the Students Clubs, the Student Scientific Organization. Annual scientific conferences are organized and held at the University. The representatives of different law schools from the foreign countries also participate in the work of the international conferences.
The scientific journal The University Scientific Notes is published at the University. The Professors of the University have developed and published a number of textbooks, monographs on law, economy and management.
The Podillia Laboratory on the Problems of Adaptation the Ukrainian Civil Legislation to the European Union Standards (acquis communautaire) is progressing its activity. The University conducts post-graduate and doctorate studies.
The University authority encourages the students in their personal development and supports the student government in their activity. The Student Council, the Student Trade Union, the National Revival Students Club Oberig (Amulet), the Youth Political Club Argument, the Discussion Political Club Format C, the Student Charity are noted for participation success in public life. The University newspaper Gaudeamus and the radio program Student Wave create the sense of students community.
The heads of the students self-governing bodies are the members of the Scientific Council. The university students have won numerous, both international and national, competitions, contests on law and economy. The students of our University are the members of the European Youth Parliament, the European Law Students Association.

Phone: +380 382 718 000

8th Theatralna Street,
City Khmelnytskiy,,
Khmelnytska oblast

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