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Kharkiv National University of Economics

Kharkiv National University of Economics

Kharkiv National University of Economics

Perhaps each of you knows today that the Khark³v State University of Economics (KSUE) is one of the leading economic higher educational establishments of Ukraine. Our University was founded on 22 October, 1930 on the base of the Industrial Faculty of Khark³v Institute of National Economy.

Today one can say with assurance that for 70 years of its existence the University has acquired great experience in training highly qualified specialists in economics, technology and management for the country's national economy. The University has also enriched the science of Ukraine with fundamental investigations in the field of priority trends of economics which contributed greatly to the development of national economy.

Like the majority of higher educational establishments, the KSUE is carrying out multi-staged training of specialists of the following levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master. Besides, the University uses the technology of continuous education which includes pre-higher educational, higher educational and post-graduate courses.

Nowadays our University trains specialists in 15 specialities and at present there are 9,500 students and course members, 187 post-graduates and 7 people working for their Doctor's Degree. Structurally, the KSUE comprises faculties and departments, which is traditional for higher schools in this country. It has 8 faculties and 31 departments with 520 lecturers (including 9 academicians, 44 Doctors of Science, professors and 279 Cand. of Science and Associate Professors).

It should be mentioned that the high pedagogical and scientific potential of the University does not only ensure training highly qualified specialists for the national economy of Ukraine and other countries of the world, but also provides reliable pre-condition for the fruitful development of the University. The educational and training of our University fully correspond to the state and international standards. They include 4 educational buildings, educational laboratories, a computer center (230 PCs) with direct access to Internet, a scientific library with 340,000 volumes, and a publishing center. It goes without saying that the University has hostels, cafes and refreshment rooms for 600 seats, sports grounds, etc.

The harmonious development of a personality is the highest social value, so our University's mission is to provide such development for its students as well as to train highly qualified specialists for the national economy.

Phone: +380 577 020 304

9th - A Lenina Street,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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