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Kharkov Rope Plant

Kharkov Rope Plant

Kharkov Rope Plant

Open Joint-Stock Company "Kharkov Rope Plant" is one of the oldest enterprises of light industry. It was founded in 1890 of hemp and rope industry.

Plant has all kinds of equipment for producing twisted and braided production.

For quality and assortment indicators plant has had, as well as now, priority in the branch in former USSR as well as now among CIS countries.

Our plant during decades has supplied enterprises of wire production with cores for production of steel ropes (Magnitogorsk, Orel, Volgograd, Odessa, Khartsyzk and other cities). Our ropes were used at Far East, Northern, Black Sea and Baltic fleets for equipping their ships, trade, fishing as well as military. About 30% of total twine production was exported to Middle Asia.

During 1994-1995 plant has digested West European market.

Today OJSC "Kharkov Rope Plant" is large wide profile enterprise, which works stable and has significant potential for further development. Total areas of plant make up 19.6 hectares of land. There is The State Act for the right of permanent use. Industrial areas of plant make up 44.6 thousand square meters, auxiliary areas make up 5.6, warehouse areas - 10.7 thousand square meters.

There is a railway line of the South Railways of Ukraine at the territory of Kharkov Rope Plant.

In order to stabilize the financial situation at the plant there were developed and are implemented technical-organizational arrangements.

Concern "Kharkov Rope Plant" was created on the base of OJSC "Kharkov Rope Plant". Concern includes all hemp-processing companies of Ukraine, which process hemp and produce hemp fibers; and also Gluhov Research Institute of Bast Cultures as an initial stage for creation of financial-economic group, which has complete production cycle.

Phone: +380 577 762 364

1st Kitaenko Street,
City Kharkiv,,
Kharkivska oblast

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