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Konstantinovsky Iron and Steel Works

Konstantinovsky Iron and Steel Works

Konstantinovsky Iron and Steel Works

CC Konstantinovsky Iron and Steel Works is the first-rate manufacturer of calibrated (cold-drawn) rolled metal in Ukraine. Our products are in steady demand in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Iran and other countries.

The Works is certified by ISO 9001:2008.

The delivery conditions are rounds and hexagonal sections of 565 mm and 1460 mm accordingly, and also cold-worked fittings of ?5-10 mm.

Cold-drawn (calibrated) rolled metal is delivered in coils of 522 mm; weight: up to 2000kg and in bars of 5-7 mm; length: up to 4 meters, 865 mm; length: up to 6 meters; weight: up to 6000kg.

Delivery condition:
- cold-worked rolled metal;
- annealed rolled metal.

Reinforcing steel is supplied in coils of 1.0 ton.

Coil dimension:
- internal diameter  550 mm;
- external diameter  900 mm;
- height  800 mm.

Steel grades produced as per DIN:
- bearing steel 100r6, 100CrMn6; (as per State - Standard 801-78 15)
- spring steel 65Si7; 65, 602, 602 (as per State Standard 14959-79)
- carbon structural steel 10-?55 (as per State Standard 1051-73)
- manganese steel 1016?1551; (15, 20?30, 40 (as per State Standard 4543-71)
- steel for cold upsetting St12; 08, 10, 15, 20, 20 (as per State Standard 10702-78)
chain steel 16VnCr5.27NiCrMo2 (25, 23 , 232, 252)
- low-carbon steel St36-3, St38-3, 1010, 1015, 1020 (wire)
- boron steel 20MnB4 and others (301, 122, 202)

Supply of rolled metal is carries out with guaranteed level of physical-mechanical properties and standard microstructure. On customers request we make special treatment (polishing) of rolled metal surface.

We are sure that mutually beneficial cooperation will meet your technical and business requirements in full scope.

We offer win-win cooperation!

Phone/Fax: +380 627 261 0

172nd Lenina Street,
City Konstantinovka,,
Donetska oblast

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