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Kostopil Glass-work Plant

Kostopil Glass-work Plant

Kostopil Glass-work Plant

History of Kostopil glass plant starts from the beginning of XX century. In the middle of 1913 a Polish squire created the glass guta which was manufacturing the large bottles of different capacity and the glass bulbs for kerosene lamps.

After the Second World War in 1946 the glass plant started its work again manufacturing the same jobs.

In 1962 the plant was functioning under Lviv Radnargosp authority (central administrative board of electronic industry). Right that time there was started building of workshop ¹2 with two glass melting furnaces which produced glass insulators and bulbs for vacuum electronic lamps. In 1972 in the workshop ¹3 there was mastered tooling of glass and pyrocerams. With development of science industries there was a requirement in new kinds of products and that is why the workshop ¹4 was built to manufacture the glass linings for the integral circuits. To achieve that purpose there was also bought from the USA the workshop manufacturing glass composition materials.

The top of the factory development was reached in 1980th, when the enterprise was manufacturing the unique products for radio electronic industry, and also home appliances. At Kostopil Glass Plant there were working about 3300 persons.

With disintegration of Soviet Union and changes of circulating strategy of independent Ukraine there was reduction and stopping of most productions.

The enterprise has mastered manufacturing about 200 types of various glass containers also for such known trade marks as „Nemiroff”, „Khortycya”, „Olymp”, „Slavutych”, “Soyuz-Viktan”, „Chill”. All finished products are kept in the storage buildings. The considerable glass containers quality improvement allowed carrying out the export shipping of the containers to Russia, Moldova, Byelorussia, Latvia, Poland, Germany, etc. Close collaboration with customers; orientation of production to satisfaction their requirements allowed Kostopil Glass Works to find itself in the Ukrainian market among the first five of domestic glass containers producers.

The collective of our enterprise is developing rapidly. We are engaged in searching and bringing in to work on the production the highly skilled specialists (glass forming machine operators and mechanics); organizing their preparation both at the Kostopil Glass Works and in Kostopil technical school.

Phone: +380 365 721 090

7th Gvardiyska Street,
City Kostopil,,
Rivnenska oblast

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